Why Sacha?

Mission driven rebellious business is the future the world needs

We believe that the why, the thing that drives us to do our digital marketing, is just as important as the services we provide. We’ve taken a stand to be the for-profit company that protects more of the Amazon than anyone else, to use this goal as a catalyst for proving that mission-driven rebellious business is the future we all need and the future of business.


Our Name

Sacha is the Kichwa word for the jungle—the place they call home—but for the Kichwa people, it’s more than the place they live, it’s the key to their entire existence. Their food source, protection from the elements, and habitat for all of the plants and animals that provide them life come from this single place. 

After spending a month living with the Kichwa tribe in the jungle Sacha founder, Alan Howard, dedicated his mission to protect these people, this invaluable worldwide resource, and the rest of the inhabitants that call this place home. 

“The reasonable man adapts himself to the world, the unreasonable one persists to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.”


Who We Are

What started as a month-long journey into the jungle of the Amazon Rainforest, became a life mission to utilize business as a catalyst to protect those that are in most need of it. That’s why Sacha dedicates 15% of its annual profits to protecting the Amazon Rainforest and its inhabitants.

This mission drives us to excel at what we do, not for a paycheck, but for a purpose greater than ourselves: leaving a small but incredibly important part of the world intact—to be the for-profit company that protects more of the Amazon rainforest than anyone else. With this vision, we plan to shake up the status quo and inspire businesses to work for purpose, rather than profit.


Meet the Team

We strive to continue growing a diverse and inclusive team. Watch videos from some of our team members to get an understanding of who makes all of this possible, and a popcorn fact about each person.

Leroy Winston

Senior Marketing Strategist

Campaigner – ENFP

Leroy was once chased by a crocodile while barefoot. That’s a story for another time…

Freda Kocholla

Head of Operations

Commander – ENTJ

Freda traveled the circumference of the Earth in just 6 weeks. Hopefully she has enough room in her suitcase for all of us next time.

Louie Villaverde

Marketing Operations Strategist

Protagonist – ENFJ

Louie was an improv actor for 2 years in Los Angeles. Don’t ask for an autograph, he charges.

Iliana Tatis

SEO Specialist

Defender – ISFJ

Iliana is a polyglot. Simply put, she can speak four different languages and watch the best shows on Netflix without subtitles.

Juan Cardona

 Digital Content Producer

Architect – INTJ

Juan starred in a reality tv show called “La Agencia: Batalla de Modelos” (The Agency: Battle of Models). We’re thinking what you’re thinking.

Meet the Founder

Alan describes what it was like to live with the Kichwa tribe in the Amazon Rainforest for a month, and what sparked the greater purpose to create Sacha Agency.

Alan Howard

Chief Strategist

Campaigner – ENFP

Alan grew up as a kid in Madagascar and Kenya. He blames his parents for his sense of adventureunderstandably so.


How Can We Help You?

Here at Sacha Agency, our aim is to serve you and your business growth. Our degree of commitment will exceed the needs of your company. We strive to best serve you and your goals through systematic, growth marketing strategies that seamlessly blend with your operations. Think of us as the fuel to skyrocket your online presence through SEO strategy and content marketing. Our focus is to actively grow your business while achieving measurable, consistent results throughout the process.

Let’s Grow Together

Sacha Agency and the People of the Amazon

Want to make the most of your talents by being part of the team making a global impact? Come work with us.

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