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Our Mission is Clear:

Do incredible digital marketing work at a world class level and let that success be the fuel for helping protect the Amazon rainforest. 

That is why we invest 15% of our total profits directly into helping indigenous tribes in the Ecuadorian Amazon protect their land from Oil & Logging companies. 

Each minute we lose a Football field worth of Amazon rainforest and yet this small piece of land is where 25% of our oxygen on the planet is created. That means every 4th breath that you take is coming from the Amazon and our mission as a team is to help stop the destruction and regenerate the forest – are you up for the challenge?

Let’s Get Into the Job(s):

We are a boutique team that is 100% remote with people all over the globe helping do world class marketing for Fortune 500 to SMB businesses, we need high quality content writers to help support our efforts.

We are looking for 2-4 different content writers specializing in these 3 unique areas; if you think you can take on the task of more than one area (and you can convince us) you will have lots of work:

Position #1: Blog writing for client sites, please let us know what industries interest you and which ones you would not want to do:

  • Industries include
    • Solar & green energy
    • Outdoor apparel for snow and hiking
    • Foreign exchange programs
    • Clothing and fashion manufacturing
    • ATV & outdoor adventure and more…

Position #2: Writing In-depth marketing articles for our site:

  • A deep understanding of the following marketing practices and the ability to write in-depth pillar articles on these topics:
      • SEO
      • Content Marketing
      • Marketing Trends
      • Marketing Funnel Development
      • Case Studies

Position #3: Email Copywriting & an understanding of direct response copywriting

  • Ability to help write powerful Email copy for marketing automation sequences, an understanding of marketing automation & the psychology of direct response copy and experience using HubSpot or similar programs:

In the “Why Sacha”  section below please let us know which position(s) you believe you are best suited for.

Now, Let’s Talk About Job Requirements:

  • Highly organized with attention to detail. Double checking is second nature to you and you have an eye for detail. Add #attentiontodetail to your application
  • Tell us about your experience with a few examples within your application

Let’s Wrap This Up

If this role is not the right one for you but you want to work with us, please tell us how you think you could help us deliver exceptional marketing performance for our clients and push us to make a dent in the planet by preventing more dents in the Amazon :).

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