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What is Enterprise SEO?

Enterprise SEO is a specialized service, dedicated to managing and optimizing large websites, with a vast amount of pages. When developing and applying an enterprise SEO strategy, there are multiple decision makers, branding, stakeholder and legal considerations to manage.

Enterprise level SEO has to adjust for the sheer volume of pages. For example, a standard SEO strategy may focus on creating dozens of blog posts, enterprise SEO will require hundreds or even thousands of blog posts to be created.

There are potentially thousands of pages worth of content and each page matters to Google and your business. Each page needs to be unique as duplicate content is the silent enterprise SEO killer. This includes targeting unique keywords for every individual page.

Writing optimized title tags for each page, product or service is not scalable or feasible at the enterprise level. Compound that with quality link-building to every page and creating keyword rich content, for a website with thousands of pages this would require a HUGE amount of time.

Automation is essential in enterprise SEO, the concept of scalability is key for enterprise search engine marketing success.

With Enterprise SEO, even small improvements such as; optimizing title tags, keywords and ensuring none of your pages are missed can make a BIG difference in revenue dollars.

How Is Enterprise Level SEO Different

Than SEO For SMBs?

The fundamental process of SEO between large scale enterprise and a smaller company is similar. Link-building, information-rich content, strong keywords and optimized title tags will all help increase ranking results.

The key differences lie in the strategic application of SEO services. A smaller business can focus on dozens of pages worth of content, an enterprise website is a behemoth in comparison.

The challenges and issues that may be faced are magnified on a huge scale. Enterprise SEO requires a very different toolset, emphasis is placed on scalability and indexing your entire site, while competition for your space is much more fierce.  

Your enterprise will be competing for visibility against other large corporations, with big budgets and established brand recognition. It requires a team of high-level enterprise SEO experts to work within your budget to generate maximum results.

Organic traffic accounts for 94% of click-through rates. Most online purchase decisions today start with organic search. Enterprises have huge amounts to lose or gain when it comes to their organic traffic.

The key success factors of Enterprise SEO are different than those used for a smaller company.

Enterprise SEO Planning

Within an enterprise communication is essential, various departments and people will be working on your website. A senior web designer may understand the strategy in depth, which those working on the daily development may not.

Training session and workshops for each of the teams should be developed to help understand how the larger strategy impacts their every day work. This will help integrate SEO considerations seamlessly into their daily workflow.

Not everybody in the organisation will understand or place focus on SEO. Although the rewards are of great benefit to the company, this needs to be introduced with knowledge and understanding of the larger organizational work.

With an SMB the team may be small and at most a handful working on the website. With an enterprise this work is spread over departments. Creating SEO references, cheat sheets, case studies and other documentation to allow people to understand you SEO direction, team and goals will move your efforts in the same direction.

A smaller company may simply track revenue before and after search engine optimization, an enterprise must consider further metrics. Enterprises are challenged with tracking new leads or sales to organic searches.

Measuring whether an online visitor made an offline purchase will add further insight into your SEO strategy. This can focus your strategy to increase your visitor value, and revenues.

Who Needs Enterprise SEO Services?

Your website is your identity, there is an enormous amount of revenue to be obtained from organic search. If you are not focusing your SEO efforts, you’re missing out on a substantial portion of this opportunity.

An enterprise SEO strategy can increase efficiency, quality and customer conversion rates, with strategic implementation and high quality content.

We can help you bring in that organic traffic and tap into almost limitless returns.

An enterprise SEO solution will be for you if:

  • Your website has 1,000+ pages, involves e-commerce or CRM system(s).
  • You have multiple online channels and/or physical locations.
  • Your company requires visibility in multiple international markets
  • Your consumer market is national or Global.

Your competition has the resources and authority within your space. They will be using the same keywords for your business and have the capabilities to scale SEO strategies relatively quickly.

This is an opportunity to capitalize on low ranking valuable keywords and analyse their rankings over time. In-depth competitor analysis is crucial in enterprise SEO.

Top 3 Benefits of an Enterprise SEO Strategy

Business Man Calculating Return on Investment

More Return on Your Investment

A strong SEO strategy has the ability to produce impressive ROI for your business. With enterprise SEO services you can increase your organic search traffic, referral traffic, brand visibility and reputation. All values which multiply over time. With effective SEO, these higher returns will translate into direct revenue, offering huge ROI potential

A person strategizing for a successful marketing campaign

Stronger Brand Recognition

Make sure that your brand shows up in the top positions on Google searches. Get the right pages ranking highest. Satisfy existing customers and convert potential new customers. A Solid brand gives you an edge when ranking for highly competitive keywords in searches, such as Google and YouTube.

Business Woman on a Call

New Customer Acquisition

Consumer search patterns can show new opportunities for current products or services. Or for new products or services, in line with your brand message and goals. A strong SEO strategy can tap into new customers. The potential benefits more than match the challenges, a large enterprise website has many advantages waiting for you to maximize with SEO.

How Does Enterprise SEO Work?

Enterprise level SEO operates on a large scale, the emphasis is placed on scalability and getting the entire website indexed.

Enterprise SEO when implemented correctly will carefully review search data and trends, to increase organic traffic, conversions and ultimately revenue.

Google changes their search algorithm as often as 600 times a year. Sometimes these are minor changes which won’t have any visible effects on your traffic. Sometimes these changes are gigantic.

For an enterprise website with thousands of pages, preparation for these changes is essential.

All businesses can benefit from organic web traffic. Enterprise SEO requires a number of tools and skills including:

  • Innovative and customized campaign development and unique high-quality content creation.
  • Adaptability to search engines constantly changing trends and algorithms.
  • Software that enhances automation and integration, the SEO work needs to be done in tandem with all of a business’ online channels.

When working with an SEO company to enhance your enterprise SEO, they should have knowledge and recommendations in each of the following.

  • Daily rankings
  • Cloud infrastructure
  • Enterprise security
  • Global content performance

We are the Enterprise SEO Experts

Who Get Proven Results

Our Digital Marketing experts at Sacha Agency have worked with some of the largest international enterprises across the Globe.

We provide complete enterprise SEO services, encompassing all the requirements mentioned above.

At Sacha digital marketing is what we know and love. We love seeing our clients appear on the first page of Google and stay there.

Growing our clients web presence drives our SEO team’s passion. We deliver digital marketing tactics designed to uphold future search engine updates.

Our team has run many successful campaigns together, generating proven and measurable results:

  • Ducati USA 70% Growth in Organic Traffic (Google Traffic) in Under 12 months
  • 3M Reflective Division 50% Improvement to Online Store Sales in 12 Months
  • Manfrotto USA 35% improvement to E-commerce sales in 12 months
  • Klipsch 30% Growth in E-commerce revenue in 18 months

Sacha Agency delivers innovative work with our select group of clients. We do not deliver a one size fits all service, we deliver selective solutions that create incredible results for the clients we collaborate with.

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