How to Add Your Business to Google (in 2020)

Adding your business to Google is a fast and free process to get your company out there. It’s essentially free local business advertising waiting for you to grab hold of. Google My Business is an easy way to help customers find you when searching Google or Google Maps. Follow these simple steps to setup your Google business listing today.

How to Add a Business to Google Search

Let’s face it, you want your business featured on Google’s first page when it comes to search results. 3.5 billion people are using Google to find what they need daily, that’s over 70% of all online searches!

Over half of these searches are conducted on mobile devices. People are searching for what they need, near them, now.

This couldn’t be a better time for local businesses…customers are overwhelmingly using Google to find your service or product locally, and Google is essentially offering you free business advertising on the largest platform of them all.

How do you jump on this incredible opportunity?

Create, claim and verify your Google My Business Listing in 20 minutes following the simple steps below:

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a free local listing tool to build your business’ online presence, feature in Google Search, on Google Maps and the powerful Local Pack.

You can build brand awareness, tell your story, promote special events and sales, showcase your business through photos and video and much more!

By claiming and verifying your Google My Business listing help your customers find you and provide what they’re looking for.

The first thing you should do is Google your own business to see if it has been claimed or not. If you see a GMB listing appear (see below) your business has been claimed.


If your business has been claimed and this is news to you, don’t fret, Google can help you reclaim your listing (more on that further down).  

Create Your Google Listing

There are two key rules to keep in mind to make sure Google recognizes and promotes your business:

  • Consistency – Have the exact same NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) as your website and other digital platforms (social media).
  • Accuracy – NAP details, opening hours, events, location….All of your business information.

If your business listing hasn’t been claimed, you are now ready to create your free Google Listing.

These first steps are the most important, as mentioned above, let’s make sure your business information is spot on.

Once you begin creating your listing you will be asked to fill out your business details:

Business Name

This is simple, enter your legal business name into the blank field.


Where Are You Located

You are required to enter a physical ‘real world’ local business address, where people actually are and can visit you. This cannot be a PO box or virtual address.


But How Do I Add My Business to Google Maps?…

Once you have entered your location, Google will show the area and give you a location pin. Simply drag this to the exact location of your business and click next. By adding your location and business to Google My Business, you are on the most widely used navigation service on the internet.


Choose Your Category

Google has over 10,000 categories available here, designed to help your customers find exactly what you offer and find you. Try and select as few categories as possible, and be extremely  specific.


If you are a Greek restaurant, don’t put in restaurant, allow your customers to find exactly what they are looking for. Also don’t be redundant with your choice, if you are a Greek restaurant, don’t choose both ‘Greek restaurant’ and ‘restaurant’, Google doesn’t like this.

If you find yourself feeling stuck, Google My Business support offers great advice on selecting and optimizing your category.  

Enter the Contact Details You Would Like Displayed

Google likes you to use a phone number with a local area code if possible. Google does support toll free numbers, but it is always a good idea to work with Google’s ideals.

When entering your website URL, make sure it is a website that you own (not third party) and not a social media profile page. Google wants you to directly link your website, make sure your contact details (phone number, address) that you enter into your GMB are the same as on your website.


Your basic business information has now been completed and Google is ready for you to verify your business (see further down)

Claim Business on Google

While typing your business name into the GMB dashboard you may have noticed it appear in the drop down menu. This means that it has been already been listed, even though you haven’t created the presence.

You will still have to claim and verify your listing in order to take control and make changes to your Google business account.

Your Listing is Unclaimed.

Do a Google search on your business, if you see a listing appear although you have not created it, it may be a surprise! Any Google user can create a Google My Business profile and this may just have been the case. If you see the ‘own the business?’ (see image below) link appear on your listing, go ahead and give it a click, it’s waiting to be claimed.


Once you click on this, Google will take you through the same process as creating your Google My Business listing, simply follow the steps above and take control.  

Your Listing Has Already Been Claimed.

You will been shown a message with a partial email address. If you have access to this address simply login to GMB using that address and edit your listing.


If this email address is alien to you, select ‘Request Access’ and follow the instructions provided. Once you have entered all your information into Google you will receive a confirmation email. The owner of that listing will also be sent an email by Google to reach out to you and sort everything out. Google will also provide you with a link in your confirmation email which allows you to track the status of your request.

Google support provides more information if you have issues, such as not hearing back from the registered listings owner.

Verify My Business.

Now that you have created and claimed your Google listing, it’s time to verify your sweet new presence.

Google will send you a verification pin which you can then enter to complete the final step. To make sure this free business advertising opportunity is accessible for all business owners, Google will let you choose a variety of methods to get this pin number:

  • Mail – Yes ‘snail mail’ is still alive. You can request a postcard be sent to your address, which will arrive in 5-14 days and must be verified within 30 days.
  • By phone call or text – You will receive the pin and just simply follow the on screen instructions.
  • Email – For some businesses Google will allow you to receive the pin directly to your inbox, or click a verify link that is sent your way.
  • Instant Verification – Don’t we all love the age of instant gratification…if your business email is registered with another Google service (ie Google Search Console) you may be eligible for instant verification.
  • Video Verification – Google can arrange a video call with a specialist and verify your account.

Congratulations! Once you have verified your account, you can spread yourself across Google’s platforms.

Now Learn How to Optimize Your Google Listing….

Now that you have built your Google My Business presence it’s time to make it work for you. As with all SEO techniques you can (and should) optimize your local SEO to reach the front page of Google’s search results.

We just happen to have a handy little guide on optimizing your Google My Business listing. Click here to learn 5 simple steps to help your listing climb up those rankings.  


Getting your business on Google’s platforms puts you right in front of your customers. They are already searching for your business, you just need to put yourself in their line of sight.

Whether you search ‘How to create Google page’, ‘How do I promote my business on Google’, ‘Put my business on Google’ or anything similar, Google will direct you to Google My Business. Getting your business listing set up will put you in Google search results, Google Maps, Local Finder and Google’s Local Pack. Optimizing it will move you up and in front of the eyes of new customers already looking for you.

This free service is not yet being fully capitalized on.  With local search, and mobile being the prominent way users are searching for what they need, you are leaving money on the table (for your competitors) if you don’t take advantage of this today.

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