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Meaningful Work

Protecting the Amazon isn’t just something we preach, it permeates throughout the work we do, our team, and everyone we work with.

Life Balance

A 100% remote work environment means stability in changing times, access to resources, and freedom to work from home or the beach.

Unparalleled Growth

Open communication, and a diverse team that pushes one another to exceed goals set forth, has built a progressive team culture.

Small Team, Global Mission

At Sacha Agency, we’re a group of rebellious marketers that aren’t willing to work for the betterment of a bottomline. We believe in the power of business for good and plan to change the world with that vision. As a result, we’re out to prove that mission-driven rebellious business is the future the world needs.

With the mission to be the for-profit company that protects more of the Amazon than anybody else, we use this catalyst for delivering outstanding organic results for our fortune 200 clients as well as boutique businesses. 

We’ve grown a tight-knit team of passionate individuals who realize that world-class marketing and embracing a greater purpose can be one and the same. Creating an unreasonable movement has become second nature—a movement for a better planet.

The impression we’ve made on the planet since 2017, by donating 15% of our annual profits to help restore the Amazon Rainforest and the people within it, is just the start.

Your energy, intelligence, hard work, and effort are what’s needed to continue this mission alongside our team.

Utilize your digital marketing skills to become part of the team that drives direct impact on one of Earth’s most precious resources.

The team that will propel your growth; in all areas of your life, not just professional.

Make a stand to change the world by being a rebellious marketer with us.

Check out the available opportunities, and more about the members that make up our team, below.

Meet the Team

We strive to continue growing a diverse and inclusive team. Watch videos from some of our team members to get an understanding of who makes all of this possible, and a popcorn fact about each person.

Leroy Winston

Senior Marketing Strategist

Campaigner – ENFP

Leroy was once chased by a crocodile while barefoot. That’s a story for another time…

Freda Kocholla

Head of Operations

Commander – ENTJ

Freda traveled the circumference of the Earth in just 6 weeks. Hopefully she has enough room in her suitcase for all of us next time.

Louie Villaverde

Marketing Operations Strategist

Protagonist – ENFJ

Louie was an improv actor for 2 years in Los Angeles. Don’t ask for an autograph, he charges.

Iliana Tatis

SEO Specialist

Defender – ISFJ

Iliana is a polyglot. Simply put, she can speak four different languages and watch the best shows on Netflix without subtitles.

Juan Cardona

 Digital Content Producer

Architect – INTJ

Juan starred in a reality tv show called “La Agencia: Batalla de Modelos” (The Agency: Battle of Models). We’re thinking what you’re thinking.

Meet the Founder

Alan describes what it was like to live with the Kichwa tribe in the Amazon Rainforest for a month, and what sparked the greater purpose to create Sacha Agency.

Alan Howard

Chief Strategist

Campaigner – ENFP

Alan grew up as a kid in Madagascar and Kenya. He blames his parents for his sense of adventureunderstandably so.

If you couldn’t tell already, we place a strong value on aligning our employees’ personal and professional goals. Get a head start on your application by taking your 10-minute 16 Personalities test below!

Annual Team Retreat

Where will we visit in 2020?

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