Amazon tribesman going down river in boat

Our Promise to the Amazon

The Kichwa indigenous community is the largest of any ethnic group throughout the Ecuadorian Amazon region. Due to increased exposure to urban Ecuadorian culture and expansion of the petroleum industry, traditional Kichwa culture is coming under threat. This large indigenous community has many subsects spread across the forests and mountains of neighboring South American countries. The Kichwa people are devoted to preserving the delicate ecology, using traditional organic farming methods and hunting equipment such as blowguns.

Sacha Agency and the People of the Amazon

Our Commitment

Sacha Agency is committed to investing 15% of our total profits into helping preserve and protect the Amazon region. Our investment provides support in three key areas:

  • Protection of the land
  • Protection of the culture (through traditional indigenous education)
  • Increased awareness of harmful activities in the region

Rather than blindly donating funds, we are devoted to the long-term sustainability of the indigenous culture and land. We work closely with organizations devoted to the protection of the forest, supporting and investing in their work. We also work directly with the indigenous people to provide solutions for highly critical issues. Many of the waterways have been decimated by oil, we invest in rainwater towers to provide clean water. Preventing outbreaks and disease in the tributaries and rivers is a high priority, by installing dry toilets we are delivering a sanitary solution to the indigenous people. Our commitment to 15% is a commitment to delivering sustainable solutions.

We Are Hiring

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