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About Sacha Agency

Welcome to Sacha Agency, a fast-growing SEO Marketing Agency – how fast? We grew by 300% last year alone and had a whole hell of a lot of fun doing it. 

While we all have the freedom to work 100% remote, we are a U.S. based company, many of us have now congregated in beautiful Medellín Colombia.

Our Mission is Simple:

We believe that all businesses today should be businesses for good, meaning, that our efforts and success should lead to the betterment of the planet.

Business success and the success of our planet should go hand-in-hand. That is why our mission is to be the for profit company protecting more of the Amazon rainforest than anyone else – we do this by reinvesting 15% of our profits into Amazon protection. 

Our mission came after our founder spent a month living deep in the Ecuadorian Amazon with an indigenous community. That experience and a real need to help these people (Kichwa Indians) protect their land and way of life became the founding of Sacha (the Kichwa word for the forest).

3 years later and our support is protecting thousands of acres of the forest and supporting 500 indigenous people in the jungle. 

Our Culture:

We are a top-notch Agency and expect and accept only A-players, which means while we have a lot of fun and freedom we also get our sh*t done and at a world-class level – no exceptions.

You Will Be

  • Working on multiple client websites implementing strategic changes to keep up with Google’s ever-changing best practices
  • Managing the client delivery team (Content Writers & SEO Specialists)
  • Expected to retain existing business, while improving clients organic traffic results
  • Communicating via phone/email with clients on a regular basis
  • Strategizing with team members to come up with creative solutions for our clients
  • Creating reports to gauge progress and inform the client of the value being provided
  • Presenting your findings to the client in order to influence their marketing strategies

You Must Have

  • 3-10 years experience doing SEO work for clients within an agency environment
  • The skills to adequately lead and manage your team of content marketers
  • Proficient with keyword research/data mining tools and competitive analysis
  • Technical knowledge of website architecture (experience with HTML Markup, CSS, XML)
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Excel, Word, Outlook, and other common applications
  • Experience with content management systems such as WordPress, Joomla, and Magento
  • Ability to quickly pick up new skills and learn new tasks
  • Proven track record of successful project management skills with the ability to hit and exceed deadlines required
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and oral while paying close attention to detail. Add #attentiontodetail to your application

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Your Mission in this Role:

To improve the organic traffic results of client sites, develop and manage the delivery team, and build marketing systems and processes for delivery efficiency.

The Outcomes We Expect:

  • Grow client sites organic traffic by 35% on average in year one (increasing organic leads by 20%)
  • Systematize marketing fulfilment process
    1. Keyword research
    2. Content creation
    3. Content approval
    4. On-page optimization
    5. Link building 

Before finishing your application please take the 16 personalities test… The goal of this is for us to truly understand you – we want everyone working out of their areas of strength as it’s part of our company ethos.

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