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Who Needs Growth Marketing Solutions?

Growth marketing isn’t just some new buzzword. In a world where each year 200 billion dollars are spent on marketing in the US, you need to stand out with tactics like using customer behavior insight data and powerful ad campaigns. Otherwise, the 600,000 businesses created each year will continue to crowd your stage, decreasing your online presence and taking over the market you’ve worked hard to gap out.

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To secure those tactics, you need loyal, brand champions and you need a strong customer base, which is where the power of growth marketing comes in. 

Whether you’re a start-up or an established organization, all businesses struggle to improve traffic, leads, and conversions. And likely, all of them ask how they can grow and grow steadily. Growth marketing, as opposed to traditional marketing, focuses on not just the end-sale of the funnel but the entire funnel, the big picture, and the future of business. It’s one of the keys to furthering brand reach long-term.  

What is growth marketing? Keeping it simple, it’s the use of data and tests to grow your ideal customer list, kick out bad strategies and stick with the ones that have proven, number-conscious results. Because with a firm customer bottom line, there are exponential growth possibilities everyone can benefit from.

Top 3 Benefits of Growth Marketing


Increase Customer Acquisition

Growth marketing can help attract new customers, boost conversion rates, and reduce customer churn, decreasing the percentage of users who sign up for your service then drop it after a period of time. By using high-quality, people-oriented strategies that have been tested, again and again, you’ll be able to find that sweet spot of verbiage, incentives, and products that work positively with the customer throughout the entire funnel.

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Increase Your Website Traffic

3.5 billion people use Google every day, which means your business needs to be just a quick click or tap away. Ranking high on Google isn’t easy, but growth marketing looks at SEO as a whole with strategies for organic, paid, and referral website traffic alongside specific keywords, social media, and other data. When you rank high, you’re seen. And when you’re seen, you get sales.

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Boost Your Brand Awareness

Utilizing your brand to navigate consumer pain points, address issues, and ultimately, give your company a voice plays a massive role in business success. When customers relate to and recognize your business, a huge sense of brand loyalty develops, which strengthens your customer base and sales. Growth marketing is about constantly communicating with your customers and searching for ways to establish that loyalty through your business.

How Can A Growth Strategy Work for You?

Modern marketing changes fast, and growth marketing caters to its rapid evolution by using reliable data to adapt and in the end, achieve sustainable revenue. So instead of designing 1-year marketing strategies, growth strategies work alongside long-term developments, not only creating advances in the industry but also placing you at the cutting edge. They can help establish the fine lines in your value proposition and work to pinpoint a gap in the market, which gives your business a leg up against competitors.

Thankfully, growth strategies can work for large enterprises that already have a traditional marketing strategy in place, as they are substantially different. It’s not uncommon for standard marketers to find themselves in the weeds of new channels and tactics, consider a job done when they’ve successfully acquired a new customer, focus solely on annual planning, rely more on personal opinion, and rarely speak with a customer.


However, growth marketers make a point to approach every tactical decision strategy first. They’re responsible for activating, retaining, and growing the pool of existing customers, while following a cyclical sprint model, where new tactics and experiments are executed on a monthly basis. These marketers also obsess over data that’s closer to business, such as customer lifetime value, qualitative customer interviews, and surveys. They’re extremely customer-centric, as opposed to using company-centric values that ignore consumer needs.   

Growth strategies allow you to make decisions based on real data as well, instead of knee-jerk, uninformed reactions that increase your risk of business disaster.

Why is Growth Marketing Different?

While standard marketing practices are about nailing the sale, growth marketing is about nailing the entire marketing funnel:

  • Awareness
  • Interest
  • Evaluation
  • Purchase

There are many different types of marketing funnels, but the above reaches the basic premise. Your customer needs to be aware of your business, express interest in its product/service, evaluate the cost, and hopefully, make the purchase.

Usually, marketing tends to hone in on the purchase side of things. Then once the sale is done, the “job” is done. But this isn’t the case, at least not for long-term business growth. Consideration needs to go into both the before and after terms of the sale to create a long haul customer, which can then lead to referrals and more sales.

So, What is Growth Marketing Exactly?

The growth marketing definition comes down to using data, tests, and creative intelligence to create marketing solutions that can add strong value throughout your business’s unique marketing funnel. Growth marketing isn’t about using a quick-fix bandaid. It’s about getting to the root of the problem and providing a long-term solution with strategies across many different dimensions.

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But, what is a growth marketer, specifically? We are data-driven masters who work in every single stage of the funnel. It requires thinking outside of the box to come up with plans that haven’t been used before, implementing them, learning, and discovering results that speak for themselves. It can be difficult, which is why a growth marketing expert can be extremely beneficial.  

Growth marketing shouldn’t be confused with growth hacking, although the terms are often used interchangeably. Growth hacking refers to fixing an explicit problem and providing super-speed results without sustainability in mind. Whereas growth areas in marketing are focused on determining potential weak spots, creating tests and experiments, and analyzing the results to come up with air-tight improvements that will stand the test of time.

We are the Growth Marketing Experts

Who Get Proven Results

As a growth marketing agency, we’ve worked with many different types of international organizations needing experts to upgrade their enterprise to the next level. And we’re proud to say that we don’t settle for mediocre.

At Sacha, we offer growth marketing services to help your business reach its goals through strong digital marketing strategies. Our services are oriented for long-term results and designed to withstand the ever-changing climate, making us a growth agency at its finest.

We thrive off of our client’s successes, especially when it comes to standing out from the crowd with a first-page Google appearance. Growth is our priority. 

Our team has run many successful campaigns together, generating proven and measurable results: 

  • Ducati USA 70% Growth in Organic Traffic (Google Traffic) in Under 12 months
  • 3M Reflective Division 50% Improvement to Online Store Sales in 12 Months
  • Manfrotto USA 35% improvement to E-commerce sales in 12 months
  • Klipsch 30% Growth in E-commerce revenue in 18 months

Sacha Agency delivers innovative work with our select group of clients. We do not deliver a one size fits all service. We deliver selective solutions that create incredible results for the clients we collaborate with.

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