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Providing Valuable Impact to Your Local SEO Efforts

Who Needs Local SEO?

3.5 billion people are searching Google daily, which is over 70% of all internet searches. As a business being on Google’s first page is crucial. Being at the top of the search rankings can increase sales exponentially, for business owners this is the perfect opportunity to generate organic traffic.

With attention spans constantly dwindling, providing instant information is vital. Long gone are the days when people would look through the pages of phone books or listings, when the same information can be found instantly with a simple Google search.

Local searches deliver a significant customer base for most businesses, by showing prominence and providing relevance in your local search area, you can increase your organic traffic.

Local searches are heavily weighted to mobile, consumers will use their smartphones or tablets to aid in their decision-making process. Studies have shown that 50% of consumers conducting a local search on their smartphone will visit a store within a day.

Google My Business (GMB) Listings are the most impactful way you can enhance you Local SEO efforts for free. With 60% of American adults using their smartphones to search Google for what they need, GMB is an invaluable Local SEO tool.

What is GMB & Why is it

Necessary for Your Business?

GMB is a local business listing which Google offers to every business. Google uses your location to provide you with the best possible results, making searching and discovering the information you’re looking for very fast and efficient. 80% of people will not look beyond the first page, with 60% of all clicks going to the top three search results. 

GMB listings allow your business information to appear before the first search result when potential customers are searching for your products or services within a certain area. 

When used correctly GMB is a powerful tool for driving customers your way & dominating the first page of a Google search. 

As somebody searches your business name, your GMB listing will appear next to the top search results, with an image and a map pointing out your location. It will also prominently display your opening hours, contact information, and customer reviews. 

If a person conducts a locality specific search for a particular product or service, the GMB listings will change. Let’s say the customer types into Google search the term ‘Café in Florida’. 

The top three optimized GMB listings will appear at the very top of the page. Before seeing any website results or clicking on any link, a consumer can be provided with all your business’ operating information.

Smartphone displaying Google My Business

Capitalizing on Google’s dominance in the digital world can allow your business to thrive online. Breaking into the ‘three pack’ on the GMB listings can drive traffic to your website or people to your physical location.

If your competitors are not utilizing GMB listings, you have a chance to gain a powerful advantage. By increasing your local and mobile search, customers will see your listing and trust your business more.

Providing valuable impact to your local SEO efforts, GMB offers you the opportunity to highlight your business immediately. Providing useful insights into your consumers buying behavior and direct engagement through reviews.

Google My Business listings can undoubtedly increase your organic traffic and sales growth. As with all SEO campaigns GMB requires consistent monitoring and strategic implementation.

Top 3 Benefits of GMB & Local SEO

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Customers Will Easily Find You

GMB listings provide businesses with a vast amount of organic traffic. If your business has its Name, Address, & Phone Number details prominently displayed, consumers are much more likely to visit your website. GMB provides customers with images of your business and directions using Google Maps. The simplicity this provides people allows them to easily plan their visit to you.

A happy customer leaving a positive online review on smart phone

Prominent Customer Reviews

Consumer reviews are a lifeblood of businesses today, 85% of consumers trust online reviews. GMB listings clearly show the reviews written by consumers with a five-star ranking system. A strong average review score will influence your GMB rankings, and your chances of breaking into the dominant ‘three pack’.
GMB actively encourages gathering feedback from your customers.

Customer Insights on Smartphone

Consumer Behavior Insights

Google will provide you with useful and in-depth data about your customers behavior. Analyzing this data can help you provide the information that they are searching for. Google My Business provides information on, the way in which customers discover your business, actions consumers are taking on your listing, & where you customers are based.

We are the Local SEO Experts

Who Get Proven Results

Having a strong digital presence will place you precisely where potential customers are searching for your product, experience or service. Google My Business allows your business’ important operating information to be readily available to consumers, prominently.

We are search obsessed marketers, second is not an option for us, we work tirelessly to outperform competitors. We’ve built a scalable, repeatable process to handle every part of a local SEO campaign, to get you on the first page and keep you there.

Our team has run many successful campaigns together, generating proven and measurable results:

  • Ducati USA 70% Growth in Organic Traffic (Google Traffic) in Under 12 months
  • 3M Reflective Division 50% Improvement to Online Store Sales in 12 Months
  • Manfrotto USA 35% improvement to E-commerce sales in 12 months
  • Klipsch 30% Growth in E-commerce revenue in 18 months

Sacha Agency delivers innovative work with our select group of clients. We do not deliver a one size fits all service, we deliver selective solutions that create incredible results for the clients we collaborate with.

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